Monday, 25 June 2012

frisco and friends

Leaving Hawaii would have been impossibly difficult if not for the fact that we were heading to San Francisco.  Expectations were high, as the girls were all geared up to see Annie and William and the rest of the Stegall clan.  Anais and Annie met in the first year of kindergarten at the French school and became instant best friends.  With a stroke of good luck, her mum Jenny and I found ourselves friends too. 

Its been a few years since they left and the family has expanded, but we were so thrilled to have been able to see Jenny and Will a couple of years ago when they passed through Bordeaux on their whirlwind trip to France.  San Francisco is a gorgeous city but to be hosted in the Stegall home is rather special.  Photos of our time together decorated the guest room and fresh baked muffins awaited our morning breakfast time arrival.

Together again...

Apparently the Saturday we were in SF must have been one of the hottest day of the year.  "Its never like this in SF", everyone exclaims!

Brave Jenny took on the girls to add to her brood of four, giving JB and I a lunch date at the beautiful Napa Valley.  Thanks Jenny!

Inspiring is a rather overused word but its the word that best describes the Stegall family.  We had quite a few laughs together, and we left with certainty that we would see them again soon.

We also had Tiffany and Jean-David to see.  It was not surprising to see their son Antony had the same big happy face like his parents (I was too busy enjoying myself that I forgot to take photos of him and then he had to go to bed).  Jean-David, who JB went to school with, is a talented musician and at the end of our very lovely evening, entertained us with a few songs.  We can't wait to see them in Paris (with a name like Jean-David, you would have guessed that he is French).

We left San Francisco heading towards Yosemite National Park.  Our GPS has broken down.  If you don't hear from us soon, send out a search party...

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  1. San Francisco looks stunning... I wanna go!!!!