Friday, 7 September 2012


If we didn't take all these photos, it would be almost hard to believe that we went to all these amazing places.  If we could do it all over again, we would, and there is not much we would change.  To JB, who is responsible for all the organising, bravo! He planned the trip, booked the tickets, read the maps, drove the vehicles, organised the photos, taught the children, (don't ask what I did... important things obviously, organising the visas and clothing, feeding and loving your family cannot be undervalued) and he also compiled these statistics:

Le tour du monde en chiffres
  • 107 jours de voyage depuis Kuala Lumpur
  • 18 vols enavion et pres de 100 heures de vol
  • 9 pays visites sur 5 continents
  • plus de 6,000 km parcourus, dans 2 camping cars et 6 voitures de location
  • 13 familles ou amis rencontres autour du monde ou qui nous ont accueillis
  • 23 hotels ou maisons en location
  • 4 semaines dans 2 camping cars et 21 sites de camping
  • 60 kg de bagages, repartis dans 4 valises
  • et aussi du cheval, du mule, de la luge, du telesiege ou télécabine, ferry, canoe, pédalo, métro, bus, train, jeep, camion safari, vélo, tandem, tram ...
Here is the translation for those who ne comprendre pas francais: The world trip in numbers
  • 107 days starting from Kuala Lumpur
  • 18 flights, almost 100 hours of flying 
  • 9 countries over 5 continents
  • driving over 6,000 kms in 2 camper vans and 6 cars
  • 13 families/friends around the world who hosted/welcomed us
  • 23 hotels/apartments/houses
  • 4 weeks in 2 camper vans
  • 21 camping sites
  • 60 kg of luggage in four suitcases (2 large and 2 small)
  • other modes of transport: horses, mules, luge, ski lifts, ferry, canoe, pedalling boat, metro, bus, train jeep, safari truck, bicycle, tandem bikes, tram ...
I think he forgot the donkey cart ride the girls did in SA.  The man isn't perfect after all!

Easily the best part of our travels was seeing friends and family.  Thanks for helping make our trip so very special and memorable!  We can't wait to see you again, and to return your hospitality!

Liz and Rupert, Auckland (a bitch, as in a dog, as in Milly, to remember us by)
Margaret and Thomas, Wellington (are the girls writing new poetry?)
Dawn and Shane, Kaikoura (what's a mail run without two underaged helpers?)
Norma and Colin, Christchurch (hugs and camper van supply support)
Kathy and Richard, Singapore (our stopover support)
Madam Luo, Beijing (responsible for our most delicious memories of Beijing)
Ezlyn, Tokyo (and our other delicious memories of Tokyo)
Jeanette, Tokyo (the little baby in my mum's care all grown up)
Jenny and Will, San Francisco (four kids, fresh baked muffins, morning run, and no chaos...)
Tiffany and Jean-David, California (kudos for the impromptu in-house entertainment)
Leila and Emmanuel, Montreal (didn't matter that we didn't see any bit of Montreal!)
Kay and Nicolas, New York (congratulations on your new baby!)
Jill and Francois-Xavier, New York (remembering a lemonade stand and our new friendships)

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