Thursday, 20 September 2012

jeudi de paris

If you are in Paris on a Sunday morning, head out to a market.  We went to Rue Mouffetard not far from where we live.  Don't forget to make a list, see if it looks like mine:

1  some fresh flowers for your amour (after all, this is the city of love)

(if no flowers catch your fancy, pick out a cabbage)

2  a bottle of champagne for your sunday brunch

3 have a break and enjoy some live music

4 quick, some summer fruits before summer leaves us altogether

5 have a peek into someone's courtyard

6 satisfy a craving for mussels in a garlic wine broth (or cockles to add in a comforting home made    
   curry laksa?)

7 stop and say a little prayer

8 aah, now that you've offloaded all your worries and your guilt, and are light-hearted and light-footed,   
  dance a little (pick up a melon on the way to the dance floor)

 9 if you have some extra energy to burn, and the waltz is not your thing...

10 have a sit down and watch the world sing and dance by

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