Wednesday, 5 September 2012

jeudi de paris

I can see you looking rather perplexed.  What are my girls doing?  Bowing to an ancestral altar in our apartment in Paris??? Actually, they are just showing off their new schoolbags... (they must think I'm too tall to get a good shot and bent down to give a better view of their bags...don't laugh so hard).

You would not believe how excited and impatient they were to start school.  They hardly slept a wink the night before.  I had to stay in their room to keep them in their beds.  They must have asked me every hour if it was time to get up and get ready for school.  Wednesday is an off day for schools here in France, the girls thought this was nul (translation: lame, rubbish, crap). Otherwise school starts at 830 am and ends at 430 pm.  The system is working-parents friendly and allow for children to stay in school till 6 pm for assisted homework or other activities.  Parents may choose to have their children eat at the canteen in school or go home for lunch.  I may have to offer some pretty tempting selections for the girls to come home for lunch two times a week (sushi, asam laksa and grandma's pork in soya sauce are their favourites, tall order).  

Of course I stressed over what the girls would wear on their first day of school.  Anais often comes up with some pretty original coordinations, so I had to tone down her creativity a little. Tea declared that she should not look too countryside-ish.  What do you think of their final ensembles?

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