Saturday, 23 June 2012

school rocks

Classmates of Anais have been following her around the world via Skype.  They are curious to know how school is going for her with her dad.  This post is specially for them.

In Auckland, Anais and Tea had the opportunity to be invited by Ella and Jack (who used to go to LFKL) to go to their school for the morning.  They took the walking school bus with the children in the neighbourhood, and found the school extremely welcoming and casual.  Tea wishes she could wear a uniform to school everyday.  Not likely to happen in France anytime soon!  

For the rest of New Zealand, school was sometimes in the camping car, sometimes outdoors.  Since it was nearly winter, warm clothes and woolen hats were often required.

In China, school was in the garden at the aptly named The Schoolhouse, at the base of the Great Wall in Mutianyu.

Space was a challenge in the hotel room in Tokyo.  Whereas in Kyoto, the classroom was on the tatami floor in our Japanese style apartment.

Hawaii is a tough place to go to school because you want to go to the beach all the time!

The great thing about going to school while you are travelling the world is that there are lots of school outings and visits!

A word from Anais to her friends in CE1A and B:

Bonne vacances tout le monde!

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