Thursday, 4 October 2012

jeudi de paris

Autumn is here.  Its cold and wet outside today.  Mercifully the weekend was sunny and gorgeous.  We soaked up as much of the sun as we could.

Keong and cousins were in town.  We headed out for some shopping.  On the list:  winter jackets, boots, sweaters...

... and macarons at La Duree.  The queue doesn't deter anyone.  Nor the prices ...

At a glance, the shop sign says PETERHOE

But does it really?

A sunny Sunday along the Seine.

Anais and Tea on their regular mode of transport, shipped from Malaysia.

Couldn't resist, its been a while since I last posted a picture of the grand dame.  The moon rising gently and we are reluctant to bid farewell to the day.  

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