Thursday, 22 November 2012

jeudi de paris

Before we left Sturget, I just had to take a few more photos.  Its just one of those places where you want to carry your camera with you all the time as you want to capture all these beautiful images; the vineyards, the pigeonnier, the house, the garden...

This was the foggy morning we left which put me in a melancholic mood.

When we returned to Paris, I had something to do (will tell you soon what it is...) near the famous avenue of Champs Elysees. The girls were thrilled to come with me, loving and having heard the song  by Joe Dassin a million times...

Au soleil, sous la pluie
a midi ou a minuit
Il ya tout ce que vous voulez aux Champs Elysees

One of the most familiar landmarks of Paris is the Arc de Triomphe.  Completed in 1836, it stands at the heart of Place Charles de Gaulle which was originally known as Place de l'Etoile, or Star Square, as twelve avenues converge upon it (one of them of course being Champs Elysees).  The Tour de France competition ends at the Arc de Triomphe every year.  More significantly, it honours those who fought and died for France in the French Revolutionary and the Napoleonic Wars.  Beneath it also lies the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from World War I.  

The cityscape of Paris is dramatically different from Sturget.  The trees along the Seine, all bare, brave themselves for the winter fast approaching.  

Over the weekend, we went to a watch the movie version of The Gruffalo's Child and then went walkabout in the Marais.  There is always a little playground we chance upon and always some photo opportunities...

I don't always remember to bring my camera with me when I go out.  But when I do, its always worth it.

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