Thursday, 28 March 2013

jeudi de paris

I thought you might enjoy photos of Anais on her recent ski trip with her school.  She came home with animated stories of her week away, including the part with the kids and their sick bags in the bus.  That aside, everyone returned with glowing cheeks, totally elated.

The weather was sublime for most part of the week, perfect for skiing, snow racquet walks and building igloos.  Every evening we had photos and a little update posted on a blog.

Its no easy task building an igloo though!

photos by Alice Pillet

I think this trip will remain a highlight of Anais' childhood memories; the glorious days spent with her young friends on the spectacular slopes, and though a little melancholic in the evenings, a kind teacher with a good story and a goodnight kiss helps to allay the homesickness somewhat.  As for me, the first letter she wrote home goes into a  time capsule, to be read again in future years, when she leaves with more than a small suitcase and her little stuffed unicorn.

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