Thursday, 6 June 2013

jeudi de paris

I promised to post some photos of Ivy and Caitlin's visit.  Here are the first lot.  They were all taken in Sturget.  The roses were all just starting to come out, we wished we were staying a week longer just to be able to see them bloom.

Today my cousin Karen arrived so we've been catching up and I decided it was time to cut my hair.  To celebrate the nice weather that has finally arrived!

The camera-totting tourist about town and her model, sometimes willing, sometimes not.

In the town of Blaye we visited the citadel which overlooks the estuary.  Click here to read more about it.  

Some other willing models for Ivy.

Visiting JB's aunt and uncle in their summer home in the Perigord area, we were treated to lunch and some tree climbing.

Notice from the photos above that I've put on weight?  Not a big surprise, we spend most of our time in Sturget, shopping for food, cooking and eating...

Time for dinner, so I'll leave you for now, and promise to try and post more pictures soon!

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