Monday, 17 December 2012

how many ways to eat a crepe?

For those of you who doubted that this sadistic mother had some compassion, here is proof - photos of the crepes being eaten and playdate in action.

No prize for guessing who's behind the crepey mask.  And in case we run out of crepes, a brioche is sitting at attention, all ready to be eaten.

The girls and I did some simple Christmas craft.  We made some dot garlands.  When our friend Mok came to visit, he bought the girls some origami sets (thanks uncle Mok!).  So we made pretty wreaths which the girls brought to school to put up on in their classrooms.  And, we've been making all sorts of decorations for the tree. Look out for photos in the next post.

We're ready for Christmas!  Well, almost...

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