Thursday, 17 January 2013

jeudi de paris

December was a busy month, as it usually is for I hope you'll excuse me for not having been around much.

One very chilly Sunday we went to lunch at Adeline and Benjamin's (the chocolate marquise maestro cousin of JB's  who makes the utterly decadent traditional dessert in August for the yearly family gathering) house in Normandy (phew... that was a mouthful).  The Christmas decorations were already up, and Adeline made the yummiest chocolate yule log (watch out Benjamin - this is a serious contender for the chocolate marquise) to usher in the season, leaving the final decorative touches to the kids.  Her two gorgeous boys were quite happy to have two big sisters pandering to them.  I suspect Tea has asked Santa for a little brother but it won't hurt her to learn that in life you don't always get what you ask for.  Tough.

Half timbered houses and thatched roofs can still be seen in Normandy today.  A bit like atap, but thicker and more 'manicured'.
Its not everyday that I get to sit in on the girls' ballet class.  In fact, only once a year, in the generous (and tolerant) spirit of Christmas, the dance teacher welcomes parents to sit in and watch the class in progress.  Every child does her parents proud, and though we grudgingly admit they may not take centre state at the Opera Garnier one day as prima ballerina assoluta, we can't help but beam and take endless photos.  Well, I sure did.
I discovered equestrian theatre when we went to watch a performance by the Academy of Equestrian Arts at the royal stables of Versailles.  Combining the art of dressage, song, artistic fencing, Kyudo (Japanese archery) and dance, it really is one of a kind.  Unfortunately we were not allowed to take any photos, but the link to the academy gives a little indication of this spectacular art.  Thanks Clo (my sister in law) for having organised this!
Another treat for the girls in early December was the Salon du Cheval (Horse Exhibition).  I've been to a few exhibitions and trade fairs before but none as huge as this one.  There were all sorts of shows in different wings of the massive exhibition halls, and it was almost a miracle we left without having bought a horse or two (how can you not know by now that the girls are a bit horse crazy)!
We had a cold spell in December and woke up to a morning of powdered roof tops.  The girls were disappointed there was not enough snow for a snowman.  
Ice-skating rinks were constructed around the city and since we were expecting guests over Christmas, this was on the itinerary and we planned to enjoy the city sights and what it had to offer over the holiday period (I will post soon on these if Adeline will kindly give me permission to use photos of her ice skating, or trying to...).
December is also baking time.  I would like for the girls to focus less on their Christmas wish list and show a little appreciation for others.  Its become a bit of a yearly tradition to make cookies and some simple cards for teachers and friends.  I know its a really small gesture but at least its a start.
After all the hustle and bustle of December, am now trying to get back to a normal, sane rhythm.  I have lots of photos to go through and show you what we were up to with our Christmas guests...but first, have to go and get that weighing scale repaired.  It can't be right!  Or can it?

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