Thursday, 11 July 2013

jeudi de paris

The girls left last Saturday for an entire week of summer camp.  The theme of the camp is 'Red Indian tribe'.  We have a daily update with photos via a blog, and today we received their letters (definitely to be saved in their time capsule!).  They sleep in a teepee, and they are out canoeing, riding horses and making totems and dream catchers.  I hesitate to send them a smoke signal "Don't forget to brush your teeth properly, and slap on the sun cream!  I love you!"

So you understand my state of mind and why this post is on them...

The school year has come to an end and they both have done extremely well in school, getting excellent results and very positive remarks from their teaches and their headmistress.  Paris is a great place for kids.  There are plenty of stimulation and plenty of spaces for them -   children's ateliers or workshops are offered by many museums, conservatoires offer very complete music and dance education and little playgrounds and parks dot the neighbourhood, 

No doubt they've settled in very well.  I think I am only just finding my feet now.  Getting them settled was the priority.  With help from friends, we found a dance school, a regular doctor, a dentist with a 'children-focused' approach :) ...

It sure helps when you feel welcomed and loved!

Fashion is a big thing with my girls.  But I have increasingly diminishing say on what they wear.  In fact, they have become quite the critique on my fashion choices.

Anais obviously has a creative side.

She made an embroidered year-end present for her teacher.

Anais was a baby waiting to put on her pointe shoes; I told her she can keep on going to dance classes so long as she can sit still at dinner and not make a pirouette with fork and knife in hand.

Lots of green spaces are created in the summer (summer is indeed finally here!), like this garden right in front of the town hall. Not only that, they are often educational; information is always available and someone on hand to answer your questions.  Not to forget a little play area for kids.

Tea has become quite the little chef.  She has even cooked complete meals for the family by herself (almost).

She enjoys the eating part too!

She is into fashion as well.  I groaned once at a multi-coloured outfit.  She told me "Why do you want me to be so colour coordinated?  Its so boring to be coordinated".  She has a point.

She was so impatient to lose her milk teeth and finally so proud to have lost them.

Sigh... if only they never grew up!

So I've kind of been on holiday this week, sort of - biking around Paris, sorting out the cupboards, doctors' appointments, lying in reading... It won't last.  They are back this Saturday.  And not a day too soon!

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