Thursday, 5 September 2013

summer - part one

You may wonder if I have given up completely on this blog.  Not quite, but the summer has been so busy I haven't had any time at all!  Anais and Téa started their summer break being Red Indians for a week.  They went on a summer camp; left on a train with their friends Daphne and Hortense, and came back with arches and arrows, painted faces and wild hair.

JB and I spent the weekend in self pampering mode.  A massage for him, a facial for me; presents that were anticipated well in advance by some very thoughtful friends in KL.  It was our farewell present from almost a year ago, and we hadn't had time to claim it!  We biked to rue Montorgueil where the spa was located, leaving relaxed and spoilt, and thinking nice thoughts of our friends in KL!

Late though it was to arrive, the good weather stayed consistent and faithful (almost) throughout the summer.  A picnic in the park to celebrate our friend Olivier's birthday was shared with hundreds of  others looking to also soak up some sun.  

It was a very full summer: with friends and family coming and going, drinks and dinners with friends, a week of hiking in the Pyrenees and lots of riding for the girls.  They had a cousin come and stay.  A little cavalier herself.

Our first visitors were from New Zealand.  What better way to welcome your friends on a hot day than with a water fight?

So happy to see Liz, Rupert, and their brood!

The girls stayed with their cousin for a week, and attended a circus workshop.  Not only is Solene a cavalier, she is also a natural acrobat.  

The fetes de Bayonne must be one of the largest festivals in France.  Lasting 5 days, it includes musical and street performances, traditional dances, parades, firework.  The only missing element from this feria are the bulls - fortunately.  The dress code is white with a red scarf or a red belt, after the colours of thecity of Pamplona as the celebrations were intended to be similar to those of Pamplona, Spain.

I'm going to have to call it a night and post the other photos from the summer another day.  Tomorrow I am meeting Peter and Morten, who are here in Paris, and doing the shops - I had better get some sleep and be ready for an active day!

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