Wednesday, 25 September 2013

summer - part three

A quick final round of photos of the summer!  Amazing how blue skies were in the  Pyrénées.  A storm arrived the day we were leaving! 

Gatherings of family and friends at Sturget; visiting friends and our traditional family lunch.

Check out this amazing hotel near Pornic, where we attended the wedding of our friend Sam.  Yes, he did it!  Ok, now that you've recovered from the shock, look up  An old farm, complete with orchard, vegetable and herb gardens, chooks and geese, even a donkey amidst the sand, the sea... It really is one of the most charming places I've ever stayed in.

The fruits were a bit late this year, and I managed to make a few jars of jam before leaving.  Yes, the scales are real, not just props.

Above: readying themselves for work and for school, la rentree!

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