Tuesday, 10 July 2012

island in the sky

The vast expanse of the land we have traversed, always diverse, always spectacular, continue to inspire us.

We stop at Bluff, the town settled by Mormon pioneers in the late 1800s when a 6 month odyssey of 250 men and women pushed through the harsh terrain in horse-led wagons.  As they reached the Colorado River over Glen Canyon, there was no way to cross but down a narrow crevice they named Hole-in-the-Rock. They settled in Bluff "we were too tired to go on, and it was to far to go back".  Not a wagon nor a life was lost in that historic saga.  

Newspaper Rock, the petroglyph panel etched in sandstone at Canyonlands welcomes us.  The ghostly art of the archaic people records perhaps 2000 years of human activity is mysterious, leaving archaeologists to wonder if they were doodles or a kind of newspaper, recording events of the times.

We went for 4-hour walk one very hot day and quickly ran out of water although we had at least four litres between us.  With parched throats we pushed on and dreamt of helicopters arriving to rescue us with frozen smoothies and pizza.

The campgrounds we stayed at were well maintained and often provided a parking with a view. Here is the Needles, part of the Canyonlands.

We are sisters...

We are tired sisters...

Hanging up our bags...


At the Hauer ranch, where the same family has lived for more than 100 years, we went horseback riding and got caught in the rain!

The Colorado River commands respect.

How I loved this moment the rain fell in the desert; natural waterfalls everywhere and the land was just transformed.  The cool respite was most welcomed too.

Our camper van adventure is almost over.  Arches National Park still to come...

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  1. More jealous with every update. A great trip you guys see doing