Saturday, 7 July 2012

wow and wow

Conversation has become a bit limited.  We are a bit stuck for words.  We keep repeating ourselves.  All we seem to be saying is "wow".  We can't help it.  The landscape is jaw-dropping in its rough rugged rocky beauty.

We're not the best photographers and we don't always have the best light of the day but hopefully these photos will give you an idea of the beauty of the national parks that we are visiting.  

The Narrows is a section of a canyon at Zion Park, a favorite with the girls as its a river hike.  The current is swift, the water is cold, the rocks underneath are slippery, some sections are waist-deep, other sections require swimming.  The river is prone to flash floods.  Great fun!

The Virgin River at Zion National Park, unassuming looking but cuts the canyons and the gorges at Zion.

Water from the spring is at least a thousand years old, filtering and seeping through layers of rocks and stone.  Its a fountain of youth compared to the rocks which are millions and millions of years old!

We were tailing vintage cars through the mountainous route and got stuck behind one which stalled right in the middle of a one-way tunnel.  A good 10 minutes later, it managed to rev itself to life again; a long line of irate drivers waited at the opposite end of the tunnel.

Unable to see the bottom of the canyon at the Grand Canyon.

Taken in a studio with a fake background?  Looks a bit like that, but honestly, we were there.

I love the names in the valleys and canyons; Furnace Creek, Dante'sView, The Altar of Sacrifice, The Three Patriachs... This one is Angels Window.  

There are more picture that I wanted to upload for this post but there seems to be a problem with blogger.  So check back later for more photos!

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  1. C'est vrai : difficile de trouver d'autres mots !!!
    Encore de superbes photos et pour vous sûrement plein d'autres paysages aussi... WOW !!