Thursday, 5 July 2012

viva las vegas

Are we in Paris already?  No.  But isn't that the Eiffel Tower?  Looks like it...  Its Paris in Las Vegas.

I hate casinos.  JB hates crowds.  There was no reason neither of us would enjoy Las Vegas but we had to pass through it and to pick up our camper van.  It is a weird world, Las Vegas.  The city of sin is a city of mega-resorts, having some of the largest hotel rooms in the world and outlandish lobbies.  It is loud and in-your-face. Architecture is dramatic.  Everything is bright, huge and OTT.  Limousines are spotted at every corner.  Anything goes in LV.  You could walk down Las Vegas Boulevard in your underwear or your pajamas and nobody would raise an eyebrow.  The girls loved it.

Vegas is home to some celebrities, some well known, like Celine Dion and David Copperfield; others a littles less known...

We leave the bright lights and all the glitz, not in a stretch limousine (to Tea's great disappointment) but in a camper van.  JB and I are relieved, the girls lament it was too short a stay in Vegas where fountains dance and the circus is always open.

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  1. Wow,enjoy the water shows and nice sightseeings there! Here is my recommendation if you don't like busy streets in downtown Las Vegas. You must go or fly to Grand Canyon. Have fun!!
    cheers! Ki