Thursday, 9 August 2012

i spy with my little eye

We left Capetown very excited, for the safari awaited us and that is one dream that we had all shared.    We flew to Durban where we picked up our four wheel drive.  From there we drove to our game reserve, Zulu Nyala.  The camp we stayed at provided some stunning views, and good food to boost (chicken liver curry for breakfast, anyone?)

The area is very populated with the antelope inyala, hence the name of the reserve, Zulu Nyala.

In the neighbouring Hluweluwe National Park, we did our very first game drive at daybreak.

Slowly tredging, grazing through the land and unassuming looking they may be, but the buffalo is the most dangerous of the Big 5 in Africa as it attacks and charges with no warning.  If you find yourself standing in front of one, say your prayers...

The white rhino is less endangered than the black rhino but still is a target for poachers.

One of those superb moments when nature just leaves you speechless.

Lucky for us the cheetah has had enough to eat today.

Blue sky, frosty nippy morning on a winter day in Africa, offering many promises for the day.

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  1. Nice pictures and sure good time too :-)