Monday, 6 August 2012

the grand finale

We are on the last leg of our travels.  Time has flown by.  For the grand finale, we are in South Africa and our first stop is Capetown.  People are noticeably friendlier and warmer in South Africa than in Brazil, that surprised us.

Driving along the coast to the Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope, we kept stopping to take photos.  The landscape bathed in the winter sun, we were reminded of our first stunning destination, and which remains a favourite: New Zealand.  

Tea and dad having a good laugh over something.

Spotted on this beautiful day were dolphins, whales and penguins.  What a day!

A memorable stop on our drive: Cape Point.  It provided a stunning view such as this.

This is what you would call a room with a view.

Tea:  Enormous waves this big, watch out!

A lonely lighthouse at Cape Point.

A calm serene sunset to end the day.

We are looking forward to seeing some wild life in South Africa and though our world trip nears its end, our journey continues!

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  1. Wow!
    You in the photo look like a movie star.
    Please send my best regards to your family.
    Have fun!