Tuesday, 14 August 2012

the journey goes on

Its officially over.  We've come full circle.  The world trip is now behind us.

After our Swaziland stop, we drove to White River where famed Blyde Canyon is the third largest in the world.  Honestly, we thought it tiny after having seen the Grand Canyons in the US.    

The attraction for the girls as we toured the Panorama was a donkey cart ride; they gripped the sides of the cart in thrill and terror as it raced down the little street of Pilgrim’s Rest.

The Panorama area offers many waterfalls views.

We then headed towards Kruger National Park where again we see that nature in all its splendour commands respect.  Many a times it was hard to spot an animal but other times we came into close contact with some of them.  The elephants initially escaped us and I made a wish that I would see them up close, and more of them too.  We then found ourselves continually either driving past a trail that an elephant had just crossed or was about to cross, with 20 others following closely behind; a couple of times we zipped by while an elephant stood perfectly still by the side of the road, grazing.

We stayed at the campgrounds which had excellent facilities.  We can self-drive in the park but are required to be back by 6 pm in the latest.  One day we got back late, having taken a more scenic drive, and got told off like errant teenagers.  The guard scowled "Do you know what time it is?".  We cooked up a feeble excuse of being lost and of elephants crossing etc.

JB went for a sunrise walk one morning, accompanied by armed guide rangers of course.  The girls were rather worried he would chance upon hungry lions but giraffes and rhinoceros droppings were all that was on offer that day. 

Thank you for following us on this amazing trip.  But our journey is not yet over.  After all, our blog is called vol de vie - the journey of life.  And who knows how long that will take.

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