Saturday, 12 May 2012

a dream come true

Since Monday, we are continuing our road trip in a camper van. It was a dream to travel for 10 days all together in a camper van, stopping wherever for the night and waking up in the morning by the beach or on the shore of a lake. So far, the dream has beaten our expectations: from Christchurch to Westport, then to Hakatika, and finally today at the Franz Joseph Glacier. Even if the weather has not been so fine, we are enjoying the drive in between mountains and beaches. An authentic kiwi experience…


  1. thank you for the pictures. We also have some kiwi at home ... Good travel .

    Jacques and CHANTAL

  2. What great pictures. Hope you're meeting lots of interesting people and making lots of beautiful memories. Yes, it is getting cold around these parts, but at least we'll be seeing the sunshine this week. Hope you do too. Safe travels and stay warm.

    Love, Josh, Tamara and Ingrid