Tuesday, 22 May 2012

kia ora

I must admit that when JB suggested doing a 2 hour horse trek with the girls in Glenorchy, I wasn’t too hot about the idea.  Horse riding was not an after school activity where I came from.  But I put on my adventure hat and a much appreciated oil skin wind jacket, and despite the horrible blustering wind which nearly froze my ears off, had a most memorable day with my cowboy and my two little escort riders.

As we neared the end of our camper van trip in NZ, we headed towards Mt Cook, where Anais tells me that 37 people, or even more, have died, attempting to climb it.  The drive towards the foot of the mountain was the one JB found most scenic of all.

On our last night in NZ, we had the total Christchurch experience with a series of aftershocks with the highest measuring 4.7 on the Richter scale.  I heard a rumble and it sounded that there was something running over the roof.  Then the ground trembled a little and it was all over.  The girls ran in from the garden, having felt the light tremor and seeing the garden fairies fall over.

We didn't always have access to internet during our travels and would like to have updated on a more regular basis (JB says great excuse for my sloppiness!) ... We are now in Singapore and about to start the second leg.

What made NZ so special was also the lovely people - and the friendships we have managed to keep despite the distance through these years.  Thank you all for the warms beds, the meals cooked with love, the bonfire, the presents and the laughter and most of all, for the memories!

Kia ora, Aoteroa

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