Sunday, 6 May 2012

mairenui - a piece of magic

David was born and lived in the scenic hill country of the Rangitikei District, in the Central North Island of New Zealand.  When he was 12 years old, he went away to boarding school.  He came back at 17 and by 19 years old, took over the farm completely.  A few years later he met Sue, and together they continued the farming heritage of the Sweet family, now counting more than 100 years old.

Along the way, they had children, opened up their home to visitors for farmstays, built additional houses on their property, started taking people to Europe on guided visits every year, continued to farm and hope that one day their children or grandchildren will be as happy as they have been, farming.

We stayed one night with them at The Maurenui Rural Retreat  Attention had been paid to every detail possible.  But more than anything, we appreciated the warm company of Sue and David.  Sue spoilt us with her delicious cooking and David was patient with every question asked by the children (They wanted to know the age of every horse and every sheep they encountered).

To be here in the midst of nowhere, and to feel so at home.  It has to be magic.

Sue and David's son and partner also breed and sell horses


  1. I loved it. Want to go back there

  2. it was so fun i hope you had a good time.